Call for Proposals

Deadline: October 16, 2020

Please consider presenting at the 7th Annual UW-Madison Information & Technology Leadership Conference. If you have presented at this conference in the past, we welcome your proposals again this year. If you have not, this is a great opportunity to hone your virtual presentation skills while sharing your experiences with the UW community. The conference will be delivered remotely via Zoom.

Present solo, consider pairing up with a colleague or get a group together for a panel discussion. No idea is too small. We are very interested in what you have to share and would be happy to help you crystallize your topic into an engaging session. Click the button below to fill out the brief proposal form by October 16, 2020, and be a part of the 7th annual conference!

This year’s theme is:

Set the Pace: Leading Through Transformation

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Prepare. Adapt. Communicate. Execute

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When we anticipate change, we prepare to respond to new demands, expectations, and roles. This work may come in the form of intentional recruitment, retention, and workforce development strategies; building a talent pipeline; or using data to forecast changes that will impact the group or organization.

Share how you have prepared yourself, your team, or your organization to respond to change.

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When change comes, we adapt. We learn to accept—and even appreciate!—failure, develop better strategies to support our teams, leverage partnerships and resources, and cultivate resilience.

Share how you have adapted in a time of crisis, failure, transition, or overwhelming success.

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During periods of change, decisions we make about communication can significantly influence attitudes and outcomes within our teams and larger communities. We communicate intentionally and unintentionally through the avenues of engagement and forms of communication we employ.

Share how you have approached communication before, during, or after transformation.

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Change necessitates action. Regardless of how we have prepared, adapted, or communicated, we must move forward. Execution encompasses how we support our teams, delegate tasks, and document the process for decision-making, implementation, and iteration.

Share how you have executed a project or idea.

Topics and questions to help prepare your proposal

  • How have you used data (qualitative or quantitative) to measure and improve employee engagement in your team?
  • Do you have a data-driven recruitment process in your department? Have you used data to measure cost-to-hire, source-of-hire, job-offer acceptance rate, etc.?
  • What are best practices in change management that can help support an organization’s data analytics objectives?
  • Is your department “drowning” in data? What are some strategic approaches you have tried to better manage your data resources?
  • Have you used data analysis to assess professional development and training needs in your department as required skills and competencies continue to evolve in our industry?
  • How does data impact or influence the decision-making process? How should it?
  • What kind of data are you collecting? How is it being handled?
  • How do we ensure the data being collecting is aligned with the achievement of strategic goals?
  • How can data be collected and leveraged to improve staff productivity?
  • Do you have an example of a data analysis project that surprised you with unexpected benefits or unintended consequences? What were the original objectives and what was the actual outcome?
  • How does data collection affect our digital infrastructure?
  • Should we be collecting student data? What are the legal and ethical implications?

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Session Objectives

  • Relate to the theme – Set the Pace: Leading Through Transformation
  • Have clear takeaways for the audience.
  • Last a maximum of 45 minutes, including Q/A.
  • Be innovative in their style, takeaways, and topic.


  • Proposals are due by midnight on Friday, October 9, 2020.
  • The core proposal should be no more than 200 words including topic, objectives and format. An additional 200 words are allotted for the description of audience takeaways.

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