ITLC 2020

Set the PACE: Leading through transformation

Prepare. Adapt. Communicate. Execute.

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Save the date! The 7th annual Information & Technology Leadership conference brings together information and technology experts and practitioners at all levels to learn, listen, and collaborate on leadership topics impacting UW-Madison and the higher education community. ITLC 2020 will be delivered virtually.

Check back here for speaker and session info as the date approaches. In the meantime, feel free to check out the speakers and sessions from last year’s conference or submit a proposal to give a presentation this year.

Keynote Speaker

Kevin Conroy

Kevin Conroy

Chairman & CEO of Exact Sciences

Prepare. Adapt. Communicate. Execute.

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When we anticipate change, we prepare to respond to new demands, expectations, and roles. This work may come in the form of intentional recruitment, retention, and workforce development strategies; building a talent pipeline; or using data to forecast changes that will impact the group or organization.

Learn how you to prepare yourself, your team, or your organization to respond to change.

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When change comes, we adapt. We learn to accept–and even appreciate!–failure, develop better strategies to support our teams, leverage partnerships and resources, and cultivate resilience.

Learn how to adapt in times of crisis, failure, transition, or overwhelming success.

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During periods of change, decisions we make about communication can significantly influence attitudes and outcomes within our teams and larger communities. We communicate intentionally and unintentionally through the avenues of engagement and forms of communication we employ.

Learn how to communicate before, during, or after transformation.

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Change necessitates action. Regardless of how we have prepared, adapted, or communicated, we must move forward. Execution encompasses how we support our teams, delegate tasks, and document the process for decision-making, implementation, and iteration.

Learn how to execute a project or idea.

CIO Leadership Panel

The 2019 UW–⁠Madison Information & Technology Leadership Conference (ITLC) featured an esteemed CIO Leadership Panel, comprising:

Lois Brooks, CIO of UW-Madison

Sue Traxler, CIO of UW-Stout

Shawn Belling, Interim CIO of Madison College

David Cagigal, CIO State of Wisconsin

Attendees participated in an interactive Q&A with these top IT leaders, who shared their experiences and perspectives on various leadership topics.


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