The Information & Technology Leadership Conference aims to advance leadership on campus by bringing together professionals to learn, listen, and collaborate on leadership topics impacting UW–Madison and the higher education community.

Member Responsibilities

  • Contributes to overall conference planning objectives and specific committee deliverables.
  • Participates in all committee and conference activities.
  • Represents functional group area in which they work (Division, School, College, Department, Unit, etc).
  • Provides feedback based on functional group’s perspective and interests (Division, School, College, Department, Unit, etc).
  • Communicates conference updates and information back to functional group in which they work on a monthly basis.
  • Escalates issues to committee co-chair for decision making or referral to sponsor

Current Membership

Headshot of Mehrnaz Ahmadi Joobaneh

Mehrnaz Ahmadi Joobaneh

Credentials: she/her/hers

Position title: Business Intelligence Developer, Office of Data Management and Analytics Services

Email: ahmadijooban@wisc.edu

I am part of this conference to help improve collaboration, communication and healthy team work across campus. This is also a great opportunity to learn about different initiatives and teams across campus and beyond

Headshot of Laurel Belman

Laurel Belman

Credentials: she/her/hers

Position title: Event Planner, Division of Information Technology

Email: laurel.belman@wisc.edu

You are a leader. You might lead in a big way, like leading your division, or in a small way, like being your team’s expert on a topic. This conference is your opportunity to find and foster ways you can lead in big and little ways.

Nick Heynen

Nick Heynen

Position title: Communications Specialist, Division of Information Technology

Email: nick.heynen@wisc.edu

Headshot of Theo Howard

Theo Howard

Credentials: he/him/his

Position title: Teaching and Learning Support, Wisconsin School of Business

Email: theo.howard@wisc.edu

Co-chair for the Planning Committee for the 9th Information and Technology Leadership Conference

Conor Klecker

Credentials: he/him

Position title: IT Professional III, Biochemistry Department

Email: cpklecker@wisc.edu

This conference is a great platform to show the many ways we lead each other in our ever shifting environment.

Headshot of Leah Meicher

Leah Meicher

Credentials: she/her/hers

Position title: Student Enterprise Applications Administrator Office of the Registrar, Applications Development & Technology Services

Email: leah.meicher@wisc.edu

Co-chair for the Planning Committee for the 9th Information and Technology Leadership Conference

Megan O'Rourke

Megan O'Rourke

Position title: CRM Administrator

Email: megan.orourke@wisc.edu

Nicole Senter

Credentials: she/her/hers

Position title: Department Administrator, Medical History & Bioethics

Email: nicole.senter@wisc.edu

todd schechter headshot

Todd Shechter

Credentials: he/him/his

Position title: Chief Technology Officer, Division of Information Technology (DoIT)

Email: todd.shechter@wisc.edu

Executive Sponsor of the Information and Technology Leadership Conference

Catherine Steffel

Catherine Steffel

Position title: Communications Manager, Biochemistry

Email: csteffel@wisc.edu