Latest Past Events

Don’t Panic — demystifying the Digital Accessibility Policy

Gordon Commons - Concerto Room 770 W Dayton St, Madison

The web is all about providing access, information, and opportunity to as many people as possible. It is only right that the University community fosters inclusivity, and works to ensure that all can participate. UW-Madison approved the new digital accessibility policy in November 2021 to update the web accessibility policy established in 2001. Join us to learn more about why the policy is important, the positive impact it has on our campus community and how Digital Accessibility Liaisons can help you implement the policy in your area.

Being an effective member of multigenerational teams

Zoom and watch room Gordon Commons - Overture

Multiple generations comprise today’s workforce and each has varied work habits, motivations, communication styles and expectations. Whether you’re a young professional or a seasoned staff member, we all have something to contribute. Sometimes challenges arise but there are benefits to these teams, too. Bring your questions about being an effective leader or member of a multi-generational team and learn from our four panelists as they share their varying experiences

Speak Up! Amplifying the voices of lT professionals

Gordon Commons - Concerto Room 770 W Dayton St, Madison

Multi-generational workforces are popping up in a wide array of industries, including IT. When working with people of different ages, managers and team members should capitalize on each person’s unique experiences and encourage collaboration. This moderated panel will feature professionals from across campus sharing strategies and techniques to lead multi-generational teams. Topics of discussion will include the roles of leaders within a team, identifying needed skills to lead at each level, and benefits and challenges of leading multi-generational teams.