2016 ITLC Sessions & Speakers

Opening keynote

Speaker: Laura Patterson, CIO, University of Michigan

Scrum as practiced by MyUW

An overview of Scrum, an Agile software development method, as practiced by the UW‑Madison MyUW Infrastructure team.

Speaker: Andrew Petro, DoIT Software Developer

Leading through engagement: building a more diverse IT staff

Breakout session with a panel of leaders from public and private institutions on how to engage the campus community in creating a more diverse information and technology workforce.

Speakers: Brenda Spychalla, Co-CIO, School of Education; Linda Jorn, Associate Vice Provost for Learning Technologies; Sandee Seiberlich, Senior Project Manager, DoIT, UW-Madison; Tammylynne Jonas, Vice President of IT, Kohl’s Dept. Stores

Increasing and understanding participation through outreach

Explored creative means to engage staff beyond the bounds of the workplace.

Speakers: Linda Thao, Program Asst, Office of University Staff; John Lease, Secretary, Office of University Staff


Examples of effective collaborations happening in the UW System.

Speaker: Kevin Boerschinger, Help Desk Manager, UW-Green Bay

Building a customer engagement toolkit

Discussed building a toolkit of strategies and best practices to create successful engagements.

Speakers: Chris Hopp, User Services Engagement Manager, UW-Madison DoIT

Engagement without exhaustion: sustained strategic planning

How one service unit’s need for a strategic plan turned into a blueprint for service provision.

Speakers: Sabrina Messer, Manager, User Services, MERIT; Barb Smith Simons, Manager, Media Services, MERIT

Transforming IT culture: an introduction to DevOps

DevOps (Development Operations) is a cultural movement that has gained traction in IT organizations across the world, enabling them to create software faster and maintain it in ways healthier to the organization.

Speaker: Joshua Zimmerman, Linux Systems Administrator, UW-Madison DoIT

Staff engagement through interactive meetings

A mini-version of our bi-yearly staff meetings showing how we engage employees through decision-making, inclusivity and cross-group learning.

Speaker: Abrianna Barca, Help Desk Supervisor, UW-Madison DoIT

Be the change: sustaining a culture of staff engagement

A discussion of methods at College Library, where all staff, including student employees, are encouraged to participate in creating a welcoming and inclusive environment.

Speakers: Carrie Kruse, Director, College Library; Trisha Prosise, College Library Librarian

Building mobile apps and successful careers at UW-Milwaukee

Learn about UW-Milwaukee’s experience creating and launching the UW-Milwaukee App Brewery mobile innovation lab.

Speakers: Dustin Hahn, Project Manager; Joel Herron, Lead Developer; Mark Jacobson, Director, Web & Mobile, UW-Milwaukee

Secrets of asking great questions

Asking a great question is often the start of a valuable conversation, an innovative idea, or a transformative project. How to create these foundations to success.

Speaker: Joe Goss, Sr. Business Analyst, UW-Madison DoIT

Transforming IT Training and Development

How to identify your IT training options to scale up and reduce costs.

Speakers: Cliff Cunningham, Applications Trainer & Consultant, UW-Madison DoIT; KK Konicek; Brian McNurlen, Assistant Director, UW-Madison DoIT Academic Technology

The MyUW service delivery platform—helping campus help users

A discussion around the new MyUW interface, which makes it easier than ever for departments to provide the campus community with an improved user experience.

Speaker: Jim Helwig, MyUW Lead Strategist

Leadership improvisation

Practice communication-based leadership competencies through the application of skills used by professional improvisational comedians.

Speakers: Sean Bossinger, Help Desk Manager; Jason Erdmann, Sr IT Consultant, MERIT

Design challenge: the value of creating fast and big

Well-designed, extreme situations help students walk away pleasantly surprised that they were able to achieve what they did given the constraints of time, and problems associated with big data, and their own knowledge of the field or technology. Connect faculty, staff, outside experts, and students in new and exciting ways.

Speaker: Tanya Buckingham, Asst Dir, UW-Madison Cartography Lab

Overachieve using strength-based leadership

Head UW-Madison softball coach Yvette Healy on overachieving in work and life based on overcoming adversity through tenacity and grit.

Speaker: Yvette Healy, Badger Softball Head Coach

Closing keynote

Speaker: Steve Cretney, VP and CIO for Colony Brands