2017 ITLC Sessions & Speakers

Opening Keynote: Applied leadership — leadership you can use

General Kerry Denson of the Wisconsin National Guard will provide an inspiring look at practical leadership that will have an immediate and actionable impact.

General Kerry Denson — Brigadier General, US National Guard

Birds of a Feather / Networking Time

Discussion Topic: Grassroots Leadership In Digital Design And Development

Facilitator: Phyllis Treige

Birds of a Feather / Networking Time

Discussion Topic: Applied Leadership During Times Of Transition And Change

Facilitator: Kerry Denson

Birds of a Feather / Networking Time

Discussion Topic: Creating An Inclusive Work Environment

Facilitator: Heather Shimon

Birds of a Feather / Networking Time

Discussion topic: Putting Emotional Intelligence Into Practice | Facilitator: Laura V. Page

Building Cross-Institutional Relationships to Advance Women in IT Communities

Join UW-Madison Women in IT (UW-WIT) co-leads along with peers from other campuses for a panel discussion on current work being done to create more gender diverse and inclusive IT environments on our campuses.

  • Brenda Spychalla — Co-Director, MERIT; Co-CIO, UW‑Madison School of Education
  • Sandee Seiberlich — Enterprise Project Manager, UW-Madison DoIT Academic Technology
  • Andrea Mascher — Sr Database Administrator, The University of Iowa
  • Dr Maureen Biggers — Director, Indiana University Center of Excellence for Women in Technology
  • Beth Schaefer — Director of IT Services, University Information Technology Services, UW‑Milwaukee
  • Jennifer Burch — Sr IT Project Manager for University of Michigan
  • Bernadette Williams — IT Manager, Research and Economic Development, University of North Carolina Charlotte

Collaboration: From Unexpected Networking to Vibrant Campus Solutions

Learn how staff from 3 departments across campus worked together to open the Student Information System in a pilot study with Engineering, Computer Sciences, and the Graduate School with help from DoIT’s Project Management Office and Oracle consultants.

  • Lauranne Bailey — Technology Systems Coordinator, Engineering Professional Development, UW-Madison College of Engineering
  • Jonathan Henkel — CS Professional Programs Coordinator, UW-Madison
  • Michelle Holland — Director of Academic Services, UW-Madison Graduate School

ComETS: A Leadership Journey

One of campus IT’s best examples of a community of practice is ComETS. It began over 10 years ago and has over 300 members. It’s a “grassroots network of UW-Madison teaching & learning support staff. ComETS …

  • Antonella Caloro — Instructional Designer & Technology Specialist, Wisconsin School of Business
  • Brian McNurlen — Assistant Director, DoIT Academic Technology
  • Jonathan Klein — Instructional Technology Consultant, L&S Learning Support Services

Emotional Intelligence for Challenging Conversations

Almost any conversation can become a challenging one. In an instant, misunderstandings and assumptions of negative intent can trigger reactions that are difficult to deal with. In this session we’ll focus on why misunderstanding is so normal and how to avoid having a derailed interaction.

Laura V. Page — Program Director, Leadership & Management, UW‑Madison Division of Continuing Studies

How to get along with stakeholders with a communication framework

Stakeholder management via communication through the requirements process is vital to the success of our projects and operations. In this presentation, we will introduce a framework of four questions we use at the Wisconsin School of Business to define requirements and priorities.

  • Dan Roelke — Sr Media Buyer & Planner, Wisconsin School of Business
  • Xiujuan Jane Zhang — Enterprise Business Analyst, Wisconsin School of Business
  • Steve Van Der Weide — Director of Information Technology Solutions, Wisconsin School of Business

Improvisational Comedy: The Prescription for Public Speaking Anxiety

This will be a highly interactive session, with very little lecture. A 10-minute presentation will be followed by 35 minutes of active engagement and participant interaction.

  • Sean Bossinger — Assistant Director, User Services, UW-Madison DoIT
  • Jason Erdmann — Co-Chair, Policy Planning Team, UW-Madison Campus Technical Issues Group

Luncheon Keynote: You can never make up in tactics that which you lack in strategy

An overview of the strategic aspects of leadership.

Jack Wolfe — Business Strategy & Leadership Development Consultant, MOR Associates

Partnering for Success: Politics, Relationship & Decision-Making

In this session Brian and Elizabeth, Co-Concept Owners of the campus Canvas Learning Management System Transition project, will share the journey they have been on leading such a project cooperatively, and consciously working to engage, …

  • Elizabeth Harris — Director, Collaborative for Engineering Education & Teaching Effectiveness, UW-Madison College of Engineering
  • Brian McNurlen — Assistant Director, DoIT Academic Technology

Playing on the Jungle Gym: Changing Career Paths and Perspectives on Diversity

This interactive session will walk participants through an analysis of their own career path, motivations for job movement and strategies to approach career change.

Tamara Walker — Assistant Director, Enterprise Internet Services, UW-Madison DoIT

Stories of strategy for you

Two experienced strategic leaders, Elena Pokot and Nick Tincher, will each share a compelling story of the intersection of leadership and strategy. Jack Wolfe will serve as moderator.

  • Jack Wolfe — Business Strategy & Leadership Development Consultant, MOR Associates
  • Elena Pokot — CIO; Assistant Vice Chancellor for Instructional, Communication and Information Technology; UW-Whitewater
  • Nicholas Tincher — CIO & Director of IT, UW-Madison Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education

The Beauty of Unique

The Beauty of Unique will inspire professionals, particularly women, to pursue their passions and embrace their unique talents. Ingenuity starts with the ability to accept and embrace being different. We will discuss igniting passions for life, for work, and for community.

Lauren Mauel — Student Success Coordinator, UW-Madison Tribal Technology Institute

The Elements of Digital Style

Nearly 80% of high school juniors and seniors report that a college’s website is the #1 resource forming their perceptions about the institution. The quality of a website’s presentation communicates the quality of a university’s educational experience — for better or worse. This seminar looks at past and current cases to propose style guidelines fitted to our digital age and helpful in making effective communication decisions.

Kyle Henderson — Web Design & Production Team Lead, UW‑Madison DoIT Communications

What’s Trust Got to Do with It? Tips for Relationship Building

A lively and engaging session that explores the topic of trust within departments and across the institution.

Ed Murphy — Deputy Chief Information Officer and Chief Information Security Officer at UW Colleges and UW-Extension

Closing Keynote: IT Leadership During Transition

Times of transition in IT leadership provide opportunity to examine policies, processes and procedures across the IT enterprise with a goal to increase collaboration, efficiency and resource prioritization.

Mike Lehman — Interim CIO, UW-Madison