2018 ITLC Sessions & Speakers

Opening Keynote: A Re-Imagined IT

Sue will share the journey she and her team have taken while centralizing IT at Case Western Reserve University, including the leadership strategies and lessons learned during the implementation of this monumental initiative over the …

Sue Workman — VP for University Technology & CIO, Case Western Reserve University

Morning Keynote — Leadership and Innovation

Judy Faulkner — Founder & CEO of Epic

DevOps, Diving, or Death…Choose 2!

This talk is a comparison between DevOps and cave diving, and how you can take strategies learned in one and apply it to the other. Cave diving is often considered one of the most dangerous …

Matt Blasinski — Technologist, DoIT Enterprise Internet Services

How the Leadership @ UW Framework can Drive Engagement and Professional Development

A panel of presenters from different areas of campus will discuss how the Leadership @ UW framework can be used to both engage and professionally grow employees and students. The Leadership @ UW Framework helps …

  • Jessica Swenson — Program Coordinator Learning and Talent Development, Office of Human Resources
  • Nancy Graff Schultz — Associate Director for Administration, UW Madison Libraries
  • Justin Mumford — Interim Assistant Director for Student Employment, Office of Student Financial Aid
  • Edward C. Portillo, PharmD — Assistant Faculty Associate, School of Pharmacy

Authentic Leadership Leads to Inclusive Innovation

Through engaging dialogue and story telling, Lori will introduce the Five Senses. She’ll share examples of how the senses can be implemented including videos, quotes and anecdotes. The primary takeaway will be: Connecting purpose with …

Lori Berquam — Interim Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Dean of Students

Leadership Improv: A Deeper Conversation on the What, Why, and How

Nothing inspires innovation more than feeling free to “Yes, and…” those ideas from your colleagues, and being able to speak from the top of your mind, comfortably, while doing so. This session will be a …

  • Sean Bossinger — Assistant Director of User Services, DoIT User Services
  • Jason Erdmann — Senior IT Consultant, MERIT, School of Education

Rebooting in Safe Mode: How to survive and thrive after failure

Amanda will share lessons in surviving failure from a long term project that met every requirement but still ended up on the shelf. Learn how to navigate failure as an individual and how to create …

Amanda Thornton — Senior Information Processing Consultant, Space Science and Engineering Center

Luncheon Keynote — Innovation: Solid Foundations and the Impact of Leadership

Innovation is often conflated with startups and new inventions.  In practice, innovations are often iterative improvements to an existing process or product made possible by a strong organizational culture.  What does it take to build …

  • Scott Kohl — Co-Founder of Thirdspace
  • Zach Blumenfeld — Co-Founder of Thirdspace

Partnering for Success: Politics, Relationships, and Decision-Making

Brian and Elizabeth, Co-Concept Owners of the Canvas Learning Management System Transition project, will share how their leadership work incorporates innovation on many fronts, through the development and adoption of bleeding edge learning technologies, getting …

  • Elizabeth Harris — Director, Collaborative for Engineering Education and Teaching Effectiveness (CEETE)
  • Brian McNurlen — Assistant Director, DoIT Academic Technology

Leadership Lessons from The Phoenix Project: Process Throughput & Execution on a Distributed Campus

The book The Phoenix Project is an IT parable about an organization that becomes drastically more efficient and better prepared for the future. This session will cover how ideas from the book can help us …

Phil Jochimsen — Technologist, DoIT Enterprise Internet Services

Going Beyond the IT Service Desk – Innovation in Request Management

In this session, we will share how our common support portal application has provided a unique innovation platform across our shared services teams and partners, contributing to new ideas and improved productivity.  We will explore …

  • Beth Wiebusch — Application and Database Manager, Wisconsin School of Business
  • Steve Van Der Weide — Director of Information Technology Solutions, Wisconsin School of Business

Case Study in Innovation – Moving from Conflict to Ideas to Action

Some years ago three small groups were wrestling with a complex, intermittent service outage. Frustration, finger-pointing, and failure were present. Conflict prevented the three teams from working together to resolve an issue affecting campus.

Joe Goss — Senior Business Analyst, DoIT Project Management Office

Communities of Practice: Responsive Webs for Professional Development & Networking

Students aren’t the only learners at UW-Madison!  Staff and faculty are connecting and networking – formally and informally, across schools, colleges, divisions and departments – to improve practice, collaborate, share information, problem solve, and innovate.

  • Katherine Loving — Healthy Campus Program Manager, University Health Services
  • Rich Gassen — Printing Production Manager, Division of Information Technology
  • Sarah Carroll — HR Competencies Program Developer & Lead Facilitator, Office of Human Resources
  • Sara Tate-Pederson — Supervisor, AIMS Customer Engagement & Learning Services (CELS)
  • Sharon Blohowiak — Senior Research Specialist, University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Pediatrics

Now That You’re Innovating, Which Initiatives Should You Implement

With mountains of IT initiatives and limited discretionary funds, how do you ensure you focus on what really matters? This interactive, engaging session shows you how to get nimble responses from your IT steering committees.

  • Meloney Linder — Associate Dean for Communication, Facilities and Technology, Wisconsin School of Business
  • Paul Oliphant — Director of Academic Technology and Web, Wisconsin School of Business

Secret Decoder Ring: What Faculty Are Really Saying When They Decline to Engage in Faculty Development or IT Conversations

If you support instruction or IT at UW-Madison, you have undoubtedly encountered resistance and heard faculty explanations, excuses, self-assessments, and self-diagnoses: I’m not technical; I’m worried about poor evaluations from students; I need to see …

  • Sarah Miller — Service Leader/Supervisor, DoIT Academic Technology
  • Kathleen O’Connell, PhD — Strategic Learning Technology Consultant

Applying Counseling Principles to Inspire Agency in Technical Innovation

Technology has produced a wide range of services and tools that provide platforms on which powerful business applications can be built. Among these are two of the latest offerings in the Microsoft Office 365 Suite: …

Jonathan Henkel — Student Information & Technology Manager, Office of Academic Affairs, UW-Madison School of Nursing

Making Sense of Everything, Including Innovation, with the Cynefin Framework

Nearly 80% of high school juniors and seniors report that a college’s website is the #1 resource forming their perceptions Contribute to the campus climate for innovation by using the Cynefin Framework to help people see when innovation is in fact called for, and to lead, manage, and influence in ways that enable innovation to …

Robert Merrill — Senior Business Analyst, DoIT Project Management Office

Leading Innovation with a Pilot Based Framework for Cutting-Edge Technologies and Services

College Library has become a campus leader in offering access to cutting edge technologies for student, staff, and faculty use. Along with a framework for piloting new technologies, a culture of trying new things has …

  • Jay Ray — Technology Operations Manager, College Library
  • Crague Cook — Technology Operations Specialist, College Library

Closing Keynote — Inspiration, Motivation, and Innovation

Everyone, in every aspect of their lives, has the ability to be innovative.  There are many catalysts to unleashing that creative and innovative spark including stories about perseverance, inspirational calls to action, and real-life examples …

Michael Johnson — CEO of the Boys and Girls Club of Dane County

Closing Remarks

Mike Lehman — Interim CIO, UW-Madison, Interim COO UW-Madison Division of Information Technology