2019 ITLC Sessions & Speakers

Keynote Address: Harnessing Data and Analytics: Empowerment or Anarchy?

April 9 @ 9:00am9:45am | Varsity Hall

The data and analytics space is changing at unprecedented speeds. How do we capitalize on these changes to drive real results and avoid chaos as more data and tools become increasingly available to new and …

  • Carlie Idoine — Research Director for Business Analytics and Data Science/Machine Learning at Gartner

Gartner Articles Mentioned in Carlie’s Presentation

Creating a Data Science Institute at UW-Madison

Digital Data is now everywhere, in every sector, in every organization. Deep use of data creates significant value, enhancing knowledge, productivity and competitiveness. There is a significant need to develop and implement methods to effectively …

  • Brian Yandell — Professor of Statistics and Horticulture, Director of Biometry Program, Co-lead of Data Science Hub, UW-Madison

Birds of Feather: Keynote Deep Dive Discussion

Open discussion with keynote speaker Carlie Idoine.

  • Carlie Idoine — Research Director for Business Analytics and Data Science/Machine Learning at Gartner

Using Einstein and Analytics to Make Better Decisions Using Salesforce Data

Are you curious about how to bring Artificial Intelligence (AI) to your institution? Oftentimes, it’s difficult to know where and how to get started with AI. In this session, we’ll discuss both the use cases …

  • Matthew Torpey — Lead Solution Engineer, Salesforce.org

Building a Community of Leaders to Chart the Future of Learning Analytics at UW-Madison

Participants will leave this session with a vetted model for the stages of institutional change toward adopting and enculturation around learning analytics as well as supporting materials and references that provide more detail and content …

  • Kari Jordahl — Senior Instructional Designer, UW-Madison
  • James McKay — Learning Technology Consultant, UW-Madison
  • Sarah Miller — Service Leader/Supervisor, DoIT Academic Technology, UW-Madison
  • Kimberly Arnold — Learning Analytics Lead, UW-Madison
  • Timmo Dugdale — Blended Learning Initiatives Program Manager, UW-Madison

Using Elastic Search to Gain Insight Into Your Enterprise

How do you collect distributed data and turn it into the information you need? We will show you flexible and agile methods to collect and use data from O365, PeopleSoft, Servers, network equipment, identity management …

  • Chris Spadanuda — Associate Director, Enterprise Services, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • Ben Seefeldt — Lead System Administrator, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • John Goodman — IAM Manager, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

An Introduction to IT Benchmarking and Metrics

DoIT’s User Services and Systems Engineering & Operations departments recently began a journey to improve our metrics and benchmark several of our services. Having this data is invaluable in determining how we fare against the …

  • Tamara Walker — Interim Director, User Services, UW-Madison
  • Tad Smejkal — Interim Director, Systems Engineering & Operations, UW-Madison

How Do We Not Be Facebook? Trustworthy Data Handling

Facebook is currently in deep reputational and legal trouble for playing fast and loose with its users’ personal and (willingly and unwillingly) contributed data. Obviously, we do not want to land in that pit! Unfortunately, …

  • Dorothea Salo — Faculty Associate, Information School, UW-Madison

How to Design Data Inputs & Outputs for Stakeholder Consensus

This presentation will help you create insightful reports that lead to data-driven action. Learn what data your stakeholders value, how to set your website up to gather that data, and how UX principles can help …

  • Allison Trapp — Senior User Experience Designer, KW2
  • Claire Lempke — Senior User Experience Designer, KW2

Data Visualization with WordPress

Information and technology leaders know how to do data visualization. Embedding Excel charts and graphs into presentations or reports is a skill possessed by every IT leader. But data visualization on the web has special …

  • Kyle Henderson — Digital Design & Production Team Lead, UW-Madison

Who Helps The Helps Desk (And How)?

Thank you for calling the Help Desk. Your call is important to us. In this session, see how DoIT User Services uses your help desk call data and customer satisfaction survey data to drive decision …

  • Salima Currimbhoy — Data & Metrics Specialist, UW-Madison
  • Amanda Thornton — Senior Information Processing Consultant, UW-Madison

Holistic IT Leadership – Understanding The IT Project Pipeline And Services

The UW-Madison IT Project Intake Process (IPIP) exists to review and provide guidance for upcoming IT projects. It collects data about projects and helps us understand where resources are focused on developing or expanding services. …

  • Troy Dreyer — Portfolio Manager, IT Center of Excellence, UW-Madison

Reaching Our Researchers: Data Management with Electronic Laboratory Notebooks (ELNs)

The ELN Service Team offers consulting and expert support for campus researchers struggling to manage their digital data in a thoughtful, sustainable way. Over the past five years, our team has provided campus support and …

  • Ariel Andrea — Chemisty Librarian, UW-Madison
  • Jan Cheetham — Research Cyberinfrasturcture Liason-CIO Office, UW-Madison

Surface to Core: Building High-quality Digital Services with a Data-informed Service Standard.

This presentation will seek to help campus IT leaders learn more about the practice of service design and how it can help you improve a service from surface (the user experience) to core (the internal …

  • Laura Grady — User Experience Researcher and Designer, UW-Madison
  • Phyllis Treige — Assistant Director, Center for Digital Accessibility & User Experience, UW-Madison

Using a Predictive Model to Enhance Assignments of Claim Handling in the Insurance Industry.

Nowadays almost every company is going through some kind of digital transformation to stay competitive. American family insurance is no exception. Analytical solutions are developed to transform business process such as claims and underwriting in …

  • Ming Sun — Data Science Engineering Director, American Family Insurance

Six Degrees of Extension – What Network Analysis Can Tell Us About How We Collaborate

Have you ever wondered what drives colleague collaboration? Is it a shared department or unit affiliation? Is it the distance between offices? Is it years of experience? Come hear about what the Division of Extension …

  • Deanna Schneider — Integration & Application Specialist/Data Analyst, Division of Extension

Capacity Planning And Management: Leveraging Data To Plan For And Meet Operational and Project Commitments

  • Sabrina Messer — Application Infrastructure Services (AIS) Portfolio Manager, UW-Madison
  • Jamie Gutkowski — Interim Assistant Director, Web Platforms/Services, UW-Madison
  • Robert Merrill — Senior Business Analyst, DoIT Project Management Office, UW-Madison
  • Karen Hanson — Assistant Director, Project Management Office, UW-Madison

CIO Leadership Panel

April 9 @ 3:00pm3:45pm | Varsity Hall
  • Lois Brooks — CIO & Vice-Provost For Information Technology, UW-Madison
  • Sue Traxler — Assistant Chancellor for Learing & Information Technology, CIO at UW-Stout
  • Shawn Belling — CIO of Madison College
  • David Cagigal — State of Wisconsin CIO