2021 I&TLC Session Schedule

Full schedule

This year, we offered as many sessions as possible in a hybrid format. Our hope was that attendees could attend virtually, in person, or both, as they felt comfortable and able. All concurrent sessions scheduled in Varsity Hall II had in-person presenters. We we encouraged in-person attendees to bring a personal device so they could engage with colleagues virtually as well as in person.

Arrival & Check-in

Join in person: Varsity Hall II, Union South second floor Join via Zoom: https://uwmadison.zoom.us/j/93086646057

Welcome & Opening Remarks

Join in person: Varsity Hall II, Union South second floor Join via Zoom here: https://uwmadison.zoom.us/j/93086646057

Keynote Speaker: Anjuan Simmons, Lending Privilege

This year’s keynote speaker is Anjuan Simmons, a consultant, technologist, and author. Anjuan has led software development teams for over two decades, and he excels at shipping features that customers love while also managing healthy …

The Diversity Framework, The Wisconsin Experience, and Your Work

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We don't have to reinvent the wheel to support campus missions. This session will workshop a way to align our day-to-day work with campus strategic frameworks. I will share an example of an alignment of …

Creative Writing to Envision a Future Full of IDEAs

We invite the audience to engage with a series of creative writing prompts to envision worlds with fewer barriers to Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Justice. What is different in those worlds? What is it …

Speed Mentoring

Speed mentoring is the best bite-sized way to get advice and practice mentoring yourself! Bring your professional development questions and trade off mentoring advice with other professionals in five minute segments. All levels of experience …

Inclusive Leadership with CDW

Former consultants and current leaders and technologists Beth Hill and Yuliya Slesareva discuss their career journey at CDW Corporation, a multi brand provider of technology solutions to customers in the USA, the UK and Canada. …

Transforming Limiting Beliefs in Times of Change

As we navigate these times of uncertainty and change it is both helpful and important to have practices that help us to access our clear, creative and openminded thinking and enable us to act wisely, …

The Value of Values: Building a Person-Focused Work Culture

Building workplace culture is easy. So easy, we often end up doing it without even meaning to - and not always the way we’d like! Using the example of DoIT Academic Technology’s Software Training for …

Leadership Improv

Is there a connection between leadership skills, psychological safety, and improvisational comedy? We sure think so! Come to this interactive workshop and learn about the shared core competencies between leadership, safety, and improvisational comedy, and …

Closing remarks

Join in person: Varsity Hall II, Union South second floor Join via Zoom: https://uwmadison.zoom.us/j/93646054019

Stay tuned for the full schedule of in-person AND virtual sessions and networking opportunities!